Torneo di Narvalo 2024 – English

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1 Event, 2 Days, Tournament & Workshops

Event Location: Sporthalle OSZ Technik 1 (Ulanenweg, 14469 Potsdam)
Date: August 10th & 11th, 2024

General information

On Saturday, there will be the ranked competetions in the categories Open and Ladies+. On Sunday there will be the non-ranked beginners competition and two workshops. The beginners have the option for each pairing to choose between foam swords or to fence with steel, if both fencers meet the safety gear requirements.

We strive to create a safe and welcoming tournament and event for each and everyone. To accomplish this, we emphasise fair and sportive behavior like pointing out, when oneself gets hit. Unsportive and dangerous behavior is frowned upon and will lead to penaltyies.
The event is open for everyone, we regard equality and inclusiveness as a major focus point. For this reason, both ranked tournaments are of equal standing and importance.

We will try to offer a healthy vegan and vegetarian friendly sports food snack buffet during lunchtime, based on demand, at a cost of approximately €12-17 per day, payable in cash. 

Save the Date and join Torneo die Narvalo! Further informations will follow.


Long sword-Open
Registration Open
40 entries
40€ registration fee
Attention: Open and Ladies+ tournament are held simultaneously. One can only participate in one of these tournaments.

Long sword-Ladies+
Registration Ladies+
40 entries
40€ registration fee
The results of this tournament will be counted to the women ranking at DDHF.
Attention: Open and Ladies+ tournament are held simultaneously. One can only participate in one of these tournaments.

Long sword-Beginners
Registration Beginners
20 entries
30€ registration fee
A category for people with less than two years of HEMA experience and at most one tournament participation, independent from the weapons categrory. Participation in Beginners and one other category is possible, but requires registration and payment for both events and, as it is held on the second day, one cannot have participated in any HEMA tournament before.

Additional rules for beginners:
– Participation with 16 years possible with a written permission of a parent or legal custodian
– no one-handed actions
– no wrestling
– no thrusts
– required personal protective equipment is limitted to head protection, neck guard, groin or chest protection, gloves and shoes, when the bouts are fought with foam swords. Nevertheless, we recommend wearing full protective gear when possible
– foam swords are used. Steel is possible, if both fencers meet the safety gear requirements and both are 18+ years old and explicitly wish to use steel swords

Rule set:

Bolognese Rule Set
DDHF Rule Framework
Zusatzregeln Torneo di Narvalo:

Video evidence:
The fencers each have the one-time privilege to object to the judges decision by providing a video evidence. If the judges agree with the objection, the decision will be revised and the fencer is granted the privilege again. If the objection is dismissed, the fencer loses the privilege to object.

It is the fencer’s obligation to provide the video evidence. Possible ways are cell phone or tablet cameras etc, which provide a display to review the evidence on the spot.
It is the fencer’s obligation to have someone filming. The filming person is forbidden to interfere with the judges and has to follow orders given by the judges or the table.

The judges are not allowed to request video evidence unless an objection is called. In this case, they can review both videos. The result of an objection may be subject to objections.

Differences to the DDHF Rule Framework, Wrestling:

Throwing the opponent is only allowed, if technique is demonstrated and the thrown person is brought to the ground in a controlled and safe way. A save way is defined as a way that reduces the force of impact. During the throwing phase, hits by the thrown person are not counted, as the peron thrown shall focus on a safe landing.

Differences to the DDHF Rule Framework, Prohibited Actions:

Actions, which are directed at the ground without outside influence, are prohibited (e.g. haws to lure the opponent).

Personal Safety:

The fencers are expected to demonstrate a will for self preservation. It is prohibited to willingly point your back or your back of the head towards the opponent, or to willingly drop your guard.

Blade control:

The fencers must demonstrate control of their blade. Every fencers has to be able to stop a haw or thrust (e.g. if somene exposes their back or their back of the head).

Workshops on Sunday:

HEMA for children and teenagers.

Not Paul 😉
Not Flora 😉


Time table:

09.00Venue opens, rule questions09.30Venue opens
09.30Gear check (primarily pools 1&2 Open and Ladies+)10.00Gear check
10.00Welcome10.30Welcome and rule explanations / Begin Workshop 1
10.30Pools 1&2 Open, Pools 1&2 Ladies+11.00Pools Beginners
13.00Gear check12.45Begin Workshop 2
13.30Pools 3&4 Open, Pools 3&4 Ladies+14.00Eliminations Beginners
16.30Short break15.00Finals
16.45Eliminations Open & Ladies+15.30Award ceremony
17.45Finals16.45Venue closes, Event Ending
18.15Award ceremony
19.30Venue closes
20.00Evening event (bring a swimsuit and towel, if you want)


Long sword

Only fencing feathers (Fechtfedern/Federschwerter) with the following characteristics are
admissable as weapons:

  • Blade length – The length of the blade must not exceed 105cm.
  • Overall length – The overall length of the weapon must not exceed 140cm.
  • Length of the crossguard – The length of the crossguard must be between 20cm and
  • Weight – total weight of the weapon must be between 1.2kg and 1.8kg.
  • Bending behavior – The blade must visibly yield at an applied weight of 12,5kg.
  • Shield – The shield must be rounded, injury to the opponent from possible spikes must
    be ruled out.

Personal Protective Equipment for the Tournaments

Sponsoring & Support: